Howdy! I’m Emma, an artist, writer, traveler, and most of all a servant, who is deeply in love with Jesus Christ. On my twenty-third birthday, I told God I wanted to have a year of adventure with Him. After the adventures of that year, which you can read about here, I told God I never wanted to stop my crazy adventure with Him. His plans are the greatest! Everyday is a small adventure as I seek to know God better and glorify Him in all I do. When all is over, I want it said of me, “To live is Christ and to die is gain.”

This blog contains various thoughts, stories, and lessons I am learning along the adventure, hence the name. I pray that they will be a blessing, encouragement, and inspiration to all who read them. My goal is to create challenging and uplifting content that will aid you as you run the race of life and cause you to become radically devoted to and in love with Jesus. If you belong to Him and seek to please Him, this blog is for you. If not, may I ask why not?  For if you do not get powerfully converted and give your life to Jesus, you will be condemned forever. If you do give your life to Him, you will experience life more abundantly. (John 10:10)