Prepare Before You are Like this Blog Post

This week was the week of finals for many of us in college. Final projects, final papers, final exams. In the advent calendar this is the week where you light the second candle. The candle of Bethlehem, Preparation, or Peace.

Winter Secerny
Photo Credit: Werner Kunz Creative Commons

Micah, the prophet, foretold Bethlehem as the birth place of the coming Messiah. The little town had years to get ready for His coming, but when He did come only a few shepherds took notice. Throughout the Bible many prophets have foretold of Christ’s second coming. He himself made reference to it when he was departing. Have we gotten ready for that return?

Now is an excellent time to focus on the preparations that need made in our life for Christ’s return. Last week, I spoke of repenting, that is definitely a good place to start. But beyond repenting, we also must live worthy of His name, live in such away that one day He will say “Will done though good and faithful servant enter into the joy of your Lord.”

I remember a story I read once about a man who took his grandmother to a play. At intermission he leaned over and asked his grandmother how she was enjoying it. Her response, “Oh, honey, you don’t really think I want to be here right now?”

The young man was surprised by this response and asked why. She explained that the theater was not the place she would want the Lord to find her if He came back right then. She would rather be helping someone or on her knees.

Is what you are doing what you would want the Lord to find you doing when He comes back? Are you where you want to be in Jesus return? Are you ready for that return?

As we prepare ourselves to meet the Messiah, His peace comes upon us and we learn to know the peace that passes understanding. There is nothing more blessed than to walk in His peace, walking right with Him, walking prepared to meet Him at any moment.

This week has been busy with final things at school, thus because I was not prepared this post is almost coming too late. Do not be almost to late in your life because you are so busy with other things. Prepare for the coming Messiah. Tomorrow may be to late.