The Rest of the Story

Saturday morning found us back on the road. We drove a few hours to an orphanage. There we helped out with installing some clotheslines and painting the laundry room. We also put on some children’s programs for the orphans. Many of the orphans are handicapped, yet so many of them were constantly smiling. It was very encouraging. We did some crafts with them, sang a few songs, and did a skit for them. Matt, who runs the house for boys, told us that guys were laughing who did not normally smile. It was encouraging to bring a little light and love to them. They were adorable and easy to love.

Carlos with the glasses he made


Sunday we had church with them and took them to the park for a soccer game before heading out to the jungle. That day was a bit interesting. Something fell through with our plans and we had no place to stay. We visited three different villages before we finely found a place we could stay out. The church in Nuevo Mexico was kind enough to open its doors to us and let us sleep in their small church. It was perhaps our favorite place to stay. We were all together and had a nice little kitchen set up there.

Church at the Orphanage

Monday started clinics. I ran pharmacy for most the clinics that week. It was not the most interesting job, but I and the freedom to listen to Dr. Rivas or our nurse Ruth as they diagnosed people and treated them. The clinics the first two days of that week were not super busy. It was encouraging to know that everyone who came by did have a chance to hear the gospel and hopefully we could help some. People came in with everything from muscle pain, colds, to infections, diabetes, and possible tumors. Some we could help and some we could not. Our biggest concern though was to help them with their spiritual need, that we could help and hopefully did.


Wednesday was our busiest clinic day of that week. I do not know how many we saw at that village but it must have been at least 100. I started the day doing pharmacy but was then pulled to help set up a second triage station to process the long line of people we had. They were very glad to have us at that village. It was encouraging and nice to have a busy day.


One of our translators praying with some patients
Cute boys
Cute boys who were playing around the clinic

Thursday was our final clinic. I got to do triage again. This I enjoyed. We had a steady stream of people during the morning. It trickled off in the early afternoon and we packed up. The clinic closed at 2:00 pm and we headed back to the orphanage where we dropped off two of our amazing translators. Again, we took the kids out for a game of soccer and then made dinner for them. After dinner we loaded up and drove back to San Cristobal.

Tojolobol Country


The final few days of our trip were spent packing up and preparing for the next jungle team which arrived a week after we left. We also helped clean up some around the Terrell’s place and relaxed with the team. It was sad that the trip was over and we would have to part. Our team was definitely unique and got along really well together. We had become good friends by the time we parted ways. I was blessed to be able to fly home with five of the team members. God loved me enough to work it out so that on both legs of the flight where I was with other team members, we were able to sit together. Our ways parted in Atlanta and it was decidedly weird getting off the plane in Milwaukee and having no one to wait for or make sure they were still there.

The trip was amazing. I am so grateful that God opened the door for me to go down and touch the lives of the people. I pray we impacted them. Several did come to know the Lord while at our clinics and hopefully several were made better spiritually as well. Whatever the impact down there may have been, I know God used this trip in my life to draw me closer to Him and open my eyes to what He is doing in the world. I cannot wait until I can go again!