sitting in traffic

When God is Looking Out for You

Tall buildings surround my office which makes parking extremely limited. I park at the cheapest lot within a reasonable distance that has available spots. That is until I left town for six weeks. Before leaving, I turned in my parking pass so I would not be charged. Little did I realize what would be happening when I got home.

Every summer there is a major festival in my city and minor festivals every weekend. The festival grounds are right by where I park, so of course daily prices go up and lots of people park in that area. This means they do not give out parking passes during the summer. So, when I stopped by to get a new pass, the lady informed me of they were not giving out new passes until the end of August.

I looked disappointed and quietly explained my situation. “You looked familiar,” she commented, “did we perhaps put it on hold?” I told I did not think so and that was confirmed upon looking it up. Right then, my brain whirled around trying to figure out where to park without breaking my bank for the next two months. That’s when she said, “I think I can squeeze you in, let me grab a pass.” And just like that, I was back in business, or back in parking. We filled out the paperwork and I walked out after thanking her warmly.

That is great customer service, but more than that it is a great example of how God works out all the details in your life when you are living for Him. If you are committed to following HIm and give everything to Him, He will look for you and orchestrate even the little things in life for your ultimate good because He loves you very much.

How have you seen God at work in the little details of your life recently?